27 Feb


Look, I was never expecting Drugs in Sport to be the thrill of a lifetime but it did look from the little blurb on the year website as though it would be reasonably busy while not being manic. I have had nothing to do. I’ve been in for perhaps an hour and a half a day, on the busy days. The assessment was based on a presentation and an essay, and for the first two weeks I hadn’t been given a title for either of them so couldn’t even do any reading. In the little blurb, it said that part of our assessment would be a lab report, but that was abolished and thank God for that — there were two labs, one that involved half an hour of being told how a flow cytometer works and one that involved watching a lab technician pipette some reagents into some test tubes and then put them into a centrifuge, and, bloody hell, I was a biomedical scientist, the value in me watching someone else use a pipette is so far non-existent that it begins to actually have a negative value.

The highlight was the lectures by Professor Hillis, who asks questions and is engaging and interested in his subject and the only thing that kept it from being a total loss.

The other ‘highlight’, awarded on the grounds of unintentional comedy, was the guy who was meant to give us a lecture on pharmacodynamics but unilaterally decided that that would be a waste of time and instead spent an hour telling us how Pfizer is going to save the world. I’m still not convinced that he wasn’t a drug rep.

So, what have I done in the last five weeks?

I’ve made cakes, I’ve helped campaign for equal rights for LGBT couples, I’ve spent a weekend singing in Giffnock, I’ve arranged to spend one of my empty days in clinical practice and seen some patients, I’ve got bored and actually started researching specialties, I’ve lived in the SL on most weekdays and managed to completely rewrite and revise all of my notes for Block 7 and Block 8, and I’ve still managed to give a presentation on the role of exercise in reducing hypertension and write what I think is a decent essay on doping control tests for performance-enhancing peptide hormones. It has not been a waste of time. I have got other things done and I know that I’m going to be enormously grateful for the time I was able to spend going back through last term’s work. It was just not what I was expecting it to be.

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