Quick Breather

04 Mar

I’m taking an hour of downtime in a day that involves an awful lot of running back and forth across great swathes of Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

This morning was a visit to gastroenterology at the outlying hospital that my VS group is assigned to this year. It took a wee while to figure out where we were meant to be, as we hadn’t been given a ward number, just the name of the doctor we were supposed to report to (and it’s a big hospital!), but the teaching was good and it was nice to be getting a little bit of clinical practice again. And scary, too, to think that unless this summer goes really badly and not counting the OSCE, it was the last time I’ll be in a hospital as a second year.

Although, the possibility of this summer going really badly is not something that I’m ruling out. They returned our mock exams last week, and –- well, I seem to know the cardiovascular bits of Block 9 reasonably well, and it was before all the work that I got done over SSM, and, anyway, I didn’t think for a minute that I’d come anywhere close to passing it, but. Suffice it to say, I have work to do.

I’ve come back to the West End for a couple of hours, and then back on the road to visit the babies who we’ve been seeing for our family project. This is important, as it’s due in ten days and my group members all agree that our current progress looks very much like a blank Word document. But, for now, I need to find some caffeine before heading off to the plenary that I’ve got in twenty minutes.

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