*brain melts*

11 Mar


I’ve managed to thoroughly confuse myself with this PBL. It’s not that it’s conceptually difficult, and it’s not even this PBL so much as it’s how this one relates to the last one. My facilitator wouldn’t like that — she’s the kind who starts turning interesting colours every time we try to bring something from ‘outside the room’ into the brainstorm, which led to a deafening silence on Tuesday when she didn’t want us talking about the Helicobacter pylori lecture in the brainstorm about Helicobacter pylori. Anyway, leaving aside the fact that she would start twitching if I said this in front of her, there are times when one PBL is a logical continuation of the last and this is one of them. In the last one, we had an objective about the control of gastric motility, and it’s sort of tangled up with the control of gastric secretions (which makes sense, a nerve going to the stomach is a nerve going to the stomach!) and it all got put into my notes together. In this one, we’ve got an objective about the control of gastric secretions. So, in order to keep from getting in a worse knot than I already am, I’ve gone back to my notes from last week and I’m trying to sort out which one is which.

And since neither Vander nor Tortora have bothered to differentiate them particularly well…

My brain has melted out of my ears.

On the other hand, I’m rather proud of having come up with the term ‘gastric anticipation’ to describe the cephalic phase of digestion. I blame (or credit) the gastro consultant who took us yesterday for an FRS and demonstrated it on me by asking what I was having for dinner and then talking (and talking and talking and talking) about fish and chips.

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