Restoring My Faith in Humanity

14 Mar

There must be something that medics recognise in each other.

(I spent a good chunk of a recent Sunday morning trying to convince my priest that we do not wear sandwich boards and are not identifiable on sight, but it turns out that I may be wrong.)

Today, I was hunting through the short loans collection of the university library for a couple of public health books. There is a list of essential reading in my VS notes and I am supposed to use these books when I write my Family Project. There is a list of essential reading in everyone’s VS notes and we are all supposed to use these books when we write our Family Projects and the deadline is two days from now, so perhaps there was an element of foolish optimism to my search. The computer was claiming that one copy of at least one of the books was left in the library, so perhaps not, but the shelves were telling a different story.

As I started to go through the piles of recently returned books on the check-in desk, a girl who I don’t remember ever seeing before came over from the self-return machine and said,

“Are you looking for Family Project books? Here, take these!”

I don’t know how she knew that I was a medical student. It might be the very particular brand of insanity that appears in our eyes when there’s an impending deadline or an approaching exam or a PBL that hasn’t been done. It doesn’t really matter how, but it was an awfully nice thing she did for me. It seems like such a tiny thing when I write it down like that, but it’s the kind of niceness that doesn’t happen very often and is going to make my weekend so much easier.

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