A Week In The Life (Tuesday)

25 Mar

8.30am: I’m missing PBL this morning, so I get to sleep late — only a very little bit, but at this point in the term I’ll take whatever I can get.

9.25am: The queue at outpatients reception is almost back at the main entrance. It wasn’t so very long ago that I was coming into this hospital all the time, but this morning I’m here as a patient. It’s a busy clinic, so I sit down with my book and settle in for a long wait.

10.40am: I escape from the consulting room, released from the clutches of my dermatologist for another year. I take my appointment card to the reception desk and I’m asked when will be the best time for me on 30th March 2010. I only wish my schedule was that predictable!

11.20am: I arrive home and start loading up the washing machine. There is work I should be doing, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks and the day-to-day things have got a bit neglected to the point where I now need to do laundry as a matter of urgency. I can’t really turn up in pyjamas to my mock exam tomorrow. Soon, every item of clothing I own is either washing or drying or being put away.

11.40am: An email from my PBL supervisor with the objectives from today’s scenario.

12.15pm: Lunch.

12.45pm: Another email, this time from the SSM secretary to tell me that my SSM supervisor has marked my project. B. Excellent — especially considering I hated almost every minute of my SSM!

1pm: With a marked lack of enthusiasm, I start to do some reading for the essay due on Friday. It’s slow going and I keep catching myself thinking about other things, like chocolate and all the things that need to be done over Easter and how lovely it would be to have a nap. I make endless cups of coffee and count it as a victory that I manage to not actually have a nap, but I still only have a title page and 28 words of essay.

4.45pm: One of my friends arrives. I make her tea and welcome the excuse to abandon my laptop.

6.50pm: I collect my music and leave for choir practice.

7.07pm: The PA system informs me that the Inner Circle is temporarily out of service due to a ‘defective train’ at Govan, so I get on an Outer Circle train and go the long way around. I’m going through subway stations that I don’t see very often. I always forget how horrifically clashing the colours of the platforms on the South Side are.

7.35pm: As the warm-up finishes, I sneak in the back entrance to the lecture theatre we use for choir practice. I’m not too late, then. It’s the final rehearsal for a concert that we’re performing on Saturday, and everything is going reasonably well. It could all still go horribly wrong at the weekend — there is huge potential for technical hiccups, once we’re at our venue — but that’s part of the fun!

9.45pm: I make a brief detour to Tesco on my way home. Grocery shopping is another one of the day-to-day things that I’ve been neglecting, and I haven’t eaten dinner yet and I’m not convinced there’s anything at home to eat except maybe cereal.

10.20pm: Home! Warmth! Shower! Food!

11.15pm: In preparation for the mock OSCE we have tomorrow, my flatmate and I quickly run through the GALS exam to make sure we remember all the bits.

11.45pm: Time for bed.

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