Crunch Time

19 Apr

I’m sitting at home, having a cup of tea and checking email after a morning of sleep and church and wandering along Dumbarton Road in the sunshine.

This last week has been intense. I do the bulk of my exam revision with two friends, and we’ve been saying for the whole year that we were planning to start our revision period on Easter Monday, but I don’t think any of us believed that we would actually do it until Monday morning when we sat down with large folders that needed to be put into small brains. That first day was an enormous mental struggle for me. It’s not like it would ever have been easy, but it was also embryology, and, besides that, I was still drained from Easter Day (which had started at half past five in the morning and lasted for the better part of fourteen hours and was a wonderful, wonderful day, but, by the end of it, I was exhausted to the point of incoherence). But we got through it, and every day has been a little bit easier. I’m ridiculously proud of how much we’ve accomplished this week. By the end of today, we’ll have finished the whole of Block 7. I’ll have to come back to it, of course, there’s less than no chance that I’ll remember the salient details of placenta formation by the time the exams actually come round in six weeks, but I understand it and I’ve really, properly learned it and it feels terrific.

However, one thing that I’m sticking to this year is that my life is as important as my exams.

I think one of my friends is a bit bewildered by the fact that now and all the way up to the day before my first exam, I’m taking Sunday mornings off to go to church and I’m taking Tuesday evenings off to go to choir practice and I have three or four other evenings dotted around the place when I’ll be going somewhere or doing something that isn’t revision, but these things are hugely important to my mental health. I figured that out last year, when my stress levels went through the roof and I started having random breakdowns in the cafeteria.

The last five hours have been my first decent chunk of time away from my desk since the beginning of the week. It’s not been a lot of time and I’ve still been up and doing things, but I feel rejuvenated and like a whole new person.

43 days to go —

— and, amazingly, that isn’t scaring me.


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