13 May

The good news is that our final piece of coursework came back and I don’t have any coursework resits, which means that I will be DONE as soon as my final OSCE is over. In fact, my aggregate coursework result will be an A or a B (never been too sure how the calculations work, and it depends on how well the critical appraisal grade is balanced out by the rest of them) so I’m very very pleased with that.

The other news, which was inevitable and therefore not bad, but is also not exactly inspiring me to jump up and down in glee, is that I have my final exam timetable:

Monday 1 June — 0930 — Paper 1 — Hunter Halls

Tuesday 2 June — 0930 — Paper 2 — Hunter Halls

Thursday 4 June — 1310 — OSCE 1 — Far Away Hospital

Friday 5 June — 0900 — OSCE 2 — Clinical Skills Suite


Yesterday, I took the day off — it was on my revision timetable as a day off, and now my house is clean and my freezer is filled with enough curry to feed a couple of medium-sized African nations for a fortnight. This morning was the final comm skills session of the year, and then back to work after lunch. It’s going to be a long, hard slog to the finish.

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