And The Cry Went Up — SSMs Are Out!

26 Aug

I’m doing Clinical Haematology and Oncology.

After the disaster of my last SSM (those who were around in January will remember the Drugs in Sport debacle), my main objective was to get something clinical. On the one hand, this meant that I chose things a little more carefully and made absolutely sure not to choose anything that I wouldn’t be happy to actually do. On the other hand, it meant that I took some really stupid risks with the form, like not picking anything with more than about 12 places and not ranking things in my actual order of preference. Therefore, I’ve spent the last six weeks worrying that I would end up being assigned to something awful that I hadn’t even ranked.

But it worked! I’ve got the one that I wanted to do, in a specialty that I’m really interested in but isn’t a core component of fourth and fifth year rotations, with lots of clinical content mixed in with some lab stuff, at a hospital that I can walk to from my flat! Hurrah!

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