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How To Save A Life

I had lots of reasons for wanting to be a doctor.

I had lots of good reasons for wanting to be a doctor.

But — and within the current generation of medical students and junior doctors, I am not alone in this — one of the less good reasons was that I wanted to be John Carter.

In our defence, it’ll not be long until we’ve got the first crop of medical students who started out by wanting to be Gregory House, and, with all due respect to Hugh Laurie, my generation’s role model is less likely to get us struck off.

So, having learned that I was one of the ER geeks and that I wanted to be John Carter, it should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that my resus training was quite possibly the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I called my mum afterwards. I shrieked in the middle of Byres Road. “OMG I LEARNED TO DEFIBRILLATE PEOPLE!” is a kind of glee that even non-medic parents can understand.

I freely admit that I might just join the patient on the floor, the first time I have to do it for real. But in a safe space with mannekins and semi-fake electricity, it’s AMAZING.


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Exams. Again.

It is That Time Of Year. The hoodies have been excavated from the bottom of the wardrobe, the corner of the SL has been staked out, the caffeine tolerance has increased to alarming proportions, and the slow process of drilling information into my brain has begun.

I took my medic hat off for Easter. It wasn’t what you’d call a holiday, but I had a glorious weekend and I spent three days not in the medical school. And then it was back at my desk on Tuesday — I’d been swearing up and down that I would be at work on Easter Monday, but, after an exhausting Holy Week and Easter Sunday, I decided that that was a stupid plan and I turned my alarm off. In the few days since then, the SL has been filling up as the holidays come to an end and people start drifting back to Glasgow. In a couple of days, it’s the beginning of our final term of third year, and, as I remember saying at around this time last year, it’ll be a long slog to “the end”*.

* I’ve put this in parentheses because it isn’t “the end”, as my exams this year are followed immediately by a five week SSM and a four week junior elective. I’m really looking forward to both of them, and details will be forthcoming.

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