My Slice of Paradise

17 Aug

Dalbeg, Eileanan Siar

See, who needs tropical beaches?

I had an incredible time on elective. I came because I wanted to experience rural and remote medicine in my own country. It’s completely different to anything I’ve ever done or expect to do on the mainland — it’s not much bigger than a medium-sized cottage hospital, everyone knows everyone else, you can’t get labs after 5.30pm or a CXR on the weekend,¬† and there are no registrars at all. Besides, there aren’t many hospitals in the UK where you hear stories about patients being flown off the island by the MOD during the volcanic ash.

I’ve lived and worked with some terrific people. I’ve picked up a few words of Gaelic. I’ve been to the very edge of Scotland and watched waves come in from the Atlantic Ocean. I’ve got caught in island storms while running along the banks of some stunning lochs. I’ve had a barbecue on a beach. I’ve avoided being eaten by midges. I’ve learned where to buy emergency rations on a Sunday. I think that maybe I’ve even learned a bit of medicine.

Honestly, this isn’t where I see myself working (mind you, MTAS could feel differently). I have many reasons, which all boil down to the fact that I’m a city girl and I’d like my civilisation to be more accessible than a 4+ hour expedition by bus and ferry. But for a month, this has been absolutely perfect.

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