On The Move

03 Oct

I can’t believe it’s October, but time does indeed fly when you’re having fun.

My first real rotation has come to an end, and my next rotation starts at 9am on Tuesday.

In Glasgow, our fourth and fifth year rotations are punctuated by a weekend and an academic day. I’m going from a peripheral hospital with a killer commute to a peripheral hospital that I can’t commute to and I’m almost stupidly grateful for the extra day in the city to sort out my life, but 72 hours is still not a big amount of time. I have classes in the morning. In addition to the academic part of my academic day, I need to go to the university in order to beg a copy of my vaccinations record from them and to convince them that I didn’t fail my last rotation (which I really didn’t, but there seems to have been some kind of IT error…), and all of that is before going home to pack and get myself onto a train to the Borders by late afternoon. I’d planned to do tuition fees and visit the bank tomorrow, too, but I’m beginning to think that that will more realistically get done by phone and email and the Royal Mail.

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